New Smart Fitness Tracker=Renewed Fitness Goals In 2018

I like everything about this smart fitness tracker. Once I download the app and the smart tracker synced automatically with my phone. I entered in some personal information about height, weight and stride to personalize the tracker. It alerts me to text, calls, etc. Now I don’t miss a beat while wearing it. The fitness tracker displays the date, day of the week, time, distance, steps, cycling and heart rate. I love the large screen display, weight and comfort of fitness the band. Illumination light automatically comes on the face of the tracker when angle of arm is at angle to look at it.The smart tracker has a USB charging port that is accessed by pulling the band off to expose the male port. Once charging correctly you are able to see lights of a plug indicating charging. I am pleasantly surprised this does more than count my steps. It alerts me of text, when to move if idol too long. So much on this tracker, music too but I’m still perfecting that function. I love the fitness tracker and my fitness goals are getting on track now. I can’t wait to cycle this spring while wearing it. Get yours soon.

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