Vacuum Sealer by GERYON


Stop throwing expensive ingredients away because of freezer burn or staleness. The Geryon Vacuum sealer works great on sealing all sorts of foods. The functions are very similar to the vacuum sealer I already had. This is a great additional vacuum sealer to have for the RV or condo. It’s compact and so practical. Once you vacuum seal you will wonder why you didn’t get one earlier. IMG_1560It not only seals the foods you want to freeze or preserve, it also can vacuum seals mason jars. If you are a gardener this will perform miracles you never thought possible. I also use the sealer a lot to reseal certain bags like the ones chips come in that have Mylar. Usually if it comes sealed, it can be sealed. They don’t vacuum, but the package reseals for a nice closure. This is great for sous vide too. You are able to season the food prior to water bath and the seal is waterproof. I’m not even going to get started with the important documents that can be protected from mold and mildew using the vacuum sealer.IMG_1557The Geryon vacuum sealer came with the actual electric sealer, roll of sealing film, convenient sealing bags, tubing and instructions. I found the locks on the sides to be a bit hard for me to lock. I attribute this to new product, new user. This is a good thing, as it is getting a tight seal for heat sealing.IMG_1559 This machine will pay for itself over and over with money you no longer are wasting. It can use other brands of sealing bags and sealing rolls. Looks nice with the stainless steel finish too.  Get yours here:



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