Portable, rechargeable and water resistant speaker

I have enjoyed the Hydro Beat Box this week.  I purchased it as a gift, and while testing it I fell in love with it. After unboxing, I charged it with the USB, connected it easily to Bluetooth with voice prompts and have even recharged it a few times. I have used this little baby in the kitchen while preparing Christmas goodies, as well as carried it with me to another room where I was preparing gifts for wrapping. I even used it in my office while working on my computer. It would be perfect for a young child since the volume doesn’t go super loud. It is perfect when I need just a little more than the sound from phone only. Not the sound of a high quality speaker, but for someone to take to the lake, on the boat, dock, anywhere to amplify your phone music will be perfect. I don’t think I am giving this one away. It can sit on the counter or hang from the clip that came with it. Ok, I’ll gift it to my young granddaughter so she can listen to the soundtrack from Sing while she plays in her playroom. She will be so delighted as would any child. There are other port on this Hydro Beat, but I’ll leave that to the tech expert. I know I had fun with it. Water resistant too.


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