Comfortable Cotton Cases

The Standard set of white Pillowcases are as described on the product description page The label sewn into the seam said these were made of 100% Long Staple Cotton. That is why these feel so soft right out of the package. When I read some of the reviews about these cotton cases I thought I might be able to set the record straight. These are nice cases. They are going to wrinkle because they are cotton, 100% cotton and not a blend. They are going to take on all of the awesome attributes of the natural fiber cotton as well as the negative aspects of wrinkling too. Not a big deal for a pillowcase that is going to get cuddled and smashed throughout the sleep cycle. Its not going to look all starchy and stanch. I think quality control could be stepped up a notch on these. The straight and overcast stitched seams on these cases should have been locked better at the ends. There were a few threads that I also needed trimming. This would be unnoticeable details to the normal eye. I often stitch and double sew clothing as well as household items to reinforce them to handle what my family will put it through. Another question I kept seeing was place of origin or where was it made. This is an American Pillow Case product and the label on mine says made in India. Not sure where the cotton fabric and thread where imported from. It’s a pillowcase, warm in the winter and cool in the summer because of the cotton. They work great for me and my standard sized pillows.

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