The Transformer of Kitchen Shears

The Heavy Duty 8 in 1Multipurpose Boning kitchen shears from Royal blade are as described on the product description. These detachable blade shears came boxed with all the purposes and instructions written on the box. I purchased these as a gift for my adult son. He has been setting up housekeeping for a few years now and is concentrating on his kitchen tools. These Multi-functional shears will come in handy in so many ways with the 8 in 1 scissors. These can open hard nuts, be used as a screwdriver, cut through packages and bones, peel vegetables, open bottles, scrape scales from fish to name a few things.

They can also snip, cut and chop chives and other fresh herbs to add to prepared foods. They are magnetic for taking apart to access the peeler and for cleaning, have a curved blade for boning and are dishwasher safe. Such a handy 8 in 1 multipurpose shear. I am in awe with all the functions on these shears.

Comes with a magnetic storage case too. Get your awesome ones here

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