LED Strobe Light-Beat, bark or settings


The Strobe light is as described on the product description page.
https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B071HX4J8K This strobe light came nicely boxed. It is a metal box with two controllers. One controls the speed and the other strobes to the beat. This strobe is basically plug and play. You are able to mount it too with it’s attached brackets. I purchased this as a gift for one of my teenage grandsons. I figured he is as the age to have a few friend over and enjoy the things the kids do. This would be great for a party too. The strobe flashes to the music.

I think this could work out well for his mom to use while she is training her wild lab whom likes his punishment squirt bottle. I think if she hooked this up, he would bark and it would flash. I don’t think he would like that. Operant conditioning at its best.

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