The Muscle Therapy Healer of massage balls are as described on the description page. I have always used tennis balls to help break up the myofascial connective tissue because they were conveniently in my garage with the other sporting goods. Well the Muscle Therapy Healer ball set from Muscle Point puts my poor tennis balls to shame. The canister of healing balls contains 2 hard lacrosse balls as well as some spiked ball. My husband likes the spiked ball on his feet, he also thinks that his flip flops with spikes feel good too. I on the other hand LOVE the smaller lacrosse balls. Especially for trigger point and mayo facial release. If you are not familiar with those massage techniques, please Google them and watch a few instructional YouTube videos how to do them. These came at the perfect time. I was having some lower back issues, so I used the lacrosse ball to find the tender spot and applied pressure. Guess a few days doing the wall mayofascial release really worked. These are now a favorite in my arsenal of massage tools. They can easily be thrown in a bag, purse, backpack or suitcase. One or all would be great during travel.


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