Majestic Pure Hot Cream


The Hot Cream from Majestic Pure is as described on the product description page This arrived in a sealed bag containing the sealed Hot Cream and a separate convenient pump as well. I like the stuff that is contained in the bottle. It has a great consistency to allow some massage time before it totally soaks in with no greasy feel at all. It’s nice to massage with, smells great during the massage and soaks in nicely. The smell dissipates quickly so you can use on the go or as you are heading out the door. Some of the Muscle lotions I have will knock your socks off with smell and heat, but the stronger smelling ones tend to feel cool-warm to my muscles. I always have a bottle of some type of athletic cream around. We are not athletes or weekend warriors. My husband and I are empty nest grandparents, with typical aches and pains from doing some weekend chore around the house as well as age related issues. I can’t attest to the cellulite treatment. This bottle of Hot Cream is made in the USA. Also great to use when you have a stuffy head.

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