Silicone mitt that I can actually bend my fingers to use


I was impressed when I unpackaged this glove and trivet. I can actually move my hands around in this silicone glove. I have had the humongous bulky gloves before and ended up giving them to my son for him to use with his huge hands outside with his fire pit. I actually love that I can use these and they are super comfortable as well as user friendly.

I used these to remove a few cookie sheets from a hot 450 degrees Fahrenheit
oven and I could feel the heat through the mit on my fingertips. Enough that I hurried! I normally bake around 350 but I had something that required a hot oven. I wanted these for my new instant pot I purchased. Pots go inside on a wire trivet that has handles. I used these again today to immediately take out a bundt cake out of my instant pot and they were perfect. Built in hole for hanging for convenience.

This came with a nice rectangular trivet. I put the trivet underneath one of my oil diffusers to hold it in place on my buffet.

Get the set here:


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