Silence is Golden

Where has this Czech glass file been all my life? These are not only very practical, they are pretty and can last forever. The crystal nail files are double sided and come with a plastic storage pouch. Boy oh boy do I have experience with nail files. I’m constantly in need of one and I can’t stand when I get a little nic on my nails. Ya know, the ones that bug ya until you pick away and soon that nail is down to a nub. I have natural nails and this file is awesome. I love that it is so quiet when I’m using it. That’s a strange thing to like but it’s really nice. I love how it glides either direction too without damaging your nails like other files and emery boards. I’m gonna get some of these as gifts. If you are reading this because you are on the fence about a one time expense for a lovely file you should get a few too. The surface won’t wear. Can be washed to sanitize.



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