Dial Mandoline

The Stainless steel Mandolin is as described on the product description  https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01IW6ORDY. This dial mandolin came nicely boxed containing the mandolin, finger guard, cleaning brush, blade protector and gloves. I purchased this as a gift for one of my adult sons. He likes to cook and I think this will make his skills better and faster for prepping his foods. I taught Home Economics for many years until retiring and I even allowed the students to use mandolins during food preparation. They have a purpose in every kitchen and learning to properly use one safely is key to successful mandolin slicing, dicing. This is pretty cool to dial out the degree of slice. No switching out cutting plates, just push and turn to desired slice. The actual Mandolin is a little wobbly when the non slip legs are down on the counter. I pushed it down a little to get it to sit a little more stable. It slices onions, zucchini, cucumbers and potatoes nicely. The tomato I tried to slice didn’t fair so well. I like the 2 julienne cuts for making fries and sweet potato fries too.

Not the easiest to clean. It can be taken apart by twisting the dial, but I used the brush and my washing toothbrush to clean and rinse with hot water and drip dry. It Dries spotless. Use the guard and store safely.

This came with a food guard as well as protective gloves. I have never used this type of a cutting glove before but I always use and stress the safety of using the guard, especially at the end of any food being sliced or julienne. I’m not testing them, but will advise him to still be very mindful of his finger positioning with or without the guard and glove.

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