Adi’s Art Pro 10 Piece Nylon Art Brush Set

The Adi’s Art Pro 10 piece Nylon brushes are as described on the description page The nylon bristle brushes arrived in a no frills cellophane package. I purchased this great set of brushes as an addition, not as a replacement for my craft brushes. It’s a pretty set of numbered brushes. Each brush is black with accent metallic silver. Some come with protective covers and all have the stuff that keeps them nice for shipment. Easy to clean, dry and store. Nice crafting brushes. . Adi’s Art Pro Fit the bill for my hand painting crafting needs.

I’m not an artist by any means. I’m a crafter. I like to paint for fun and sometimes out of necessity. I was spray painting a trash can for yard waste just the other day. I use my craft paint brushes for all sort of projects. I share my art supplies with my Grandkids. It’s fun to have creative activities for the grandkids when they come over for extended visit. Got to keep them busy and off their phones when I get the opportunity. We used this Adi’s Art Pro 10 piece set to paint pumpkins and the Grandkids got a lesson how to care for art brushes. We should have these for a long time with proper cleaning of the nylon bristles and drying of the handles. This 10 piece set of Adi’s Art Pro Nylon brushes would make a wonderful gift or stocking stuffer this holiday season.

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