The Portable Hydro Beat bluetooth speaker is as described on the description page
https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01J8B153W. The Hydro Beat came neatly boxed containing the speaker with attached suction cup, long USB charging cable and directions. This is a really cute little round waterproof speaker with lights. I’m actually impressed with the sound from this little blue speaker. It paired easily and can be used Bluetooth or it can be tuned to listen to FM radio stations. Once paired the first time, automatically pairs every time you turn on the speakers power.

It auto tunes with the press of a button. No antenna is needed with this. This is a cool feature for the little ones that don’t have phones. They can still groove their favorite station. Adults like morning radio and have their favorite DJ’s too.

I’m thrilled to have a waterproof speaker in the bathroom. I love music and sometime buds just ’ work. This Hydro Beat has a suction cup on the bottom. I could only get it to stick on my bathroom counter and built in backsplash as well as the mirror. Great for long showers or soaks as well as turning on as you are getting ready without worrying about safety and speakers in the bathroom.

Bonus with this Hydro Beat would be the changing and fading lights of red, blue, green and white as well as it rechargeable with the USB charger and the ability to hands free talk if you get a call. The charge on this Hydro Beat Speaker is several hours. One of the best blue tooth frequency devices I have had. I can control the speaker from different levels of my house once the speaker is turned on and connected.

This would make a great gift or stocking stuffer for a preteen or even an adult that spends lots of time doing their hair and make-up.IMG_0631[1]

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