Lounge Pillow

The Keen Edge Back memory foam lounge pillow is as described on the product description page https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B074GNZJ5Z This velour covered memory foam back support pillow came all vacuumed sealed and collapsed. The memory foam back support lounge pillow is encased in a removable zippered velour cover. I followed the directions and broke up and fluffed the condensed vacuumed sealed memory foam pieces for about 5 minutes with my first pillow. I then placed it in my dryer for about 15 minutes on cool setting with my wool dryer balls. I was surprised to find that this pillow had NO smell at all when I first cut the vacuum seal. The second one I ordered that arrived a few days later was much easier to fluff after opening the vacuum seal. I can attribute this to the temperature during shipment.

I loved this so much that I ordered a matching one for the twin beds in my guest room. I know the grandkids will enjoy one for their room too.

Having these 2 in my guestroom allows me access to use whenever and wherever I want. I usually end up with it in my room every night. I am a lounger and love pillows. I have many pillows on my bed and I’m super stoked to have this back support to add to my collection. I’m enjoying lounging in my bedroom with the back support behind me while reading, watching tv and surfing the web. It is so comfortable to sink into and fall asleep. I love that this is portable and can be used wherever we want for added support and comfort. These can be used conveniently in all rooms and in all places like the bed, against a wall, fireplace, couch, etc.

The color is more of a butter or yellow crème colored on not off-white. The pillow is easy to fluff as needed. It’s on the small side (which I like) and fits my adult body great without being big and bulky. The removable cover is super soft and has a handle on top for carrying around from room to room. This cover can be spot cleaned or laundered. The pillow inside can’t be laundered.

The memory foam is encased in a soft slick fabric and the label specifically says the cover can be laundered but not the pillow. If I ever removed for laundering, it would be a chore getting the pillow back into the case. KEEP AWAY from people that have upset tummies is the solution to that.





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