The Palermo Smart Cam surveillance monitor is as described on the product description page This arrived in a nice box that is perfect for gift wrapping. The box lid looks like a camera lens.  The contents included the Smart Cam, , cord, mount hardware and instructions I need to download the app YYP2P to my phone. IMG_0558[1]The app was easy to download and pair to my iPhone. Set up and connecting was another story. This was suppose to have a small reset pin/device that is used to reset the monitor. The one I unboxed didn’t have one. I used a straight pen from my sewing supplies. After spending some of my Saturday afternoon trying to connect with all the annoying sounds, I finally did something right. Not sure what it was but the surveillance monitor is working for me now. The App isn’t much help. Basically trial and error to see exactly what this surveillance monitor can do.

This wifi surveillance Smart Cam is pretty cool. It can be used to monitor any room, area or dark corner of my home. I like that it can be mounted on the ceiling, wall or free stand on flat surface. I love that I can monitor in a very dark room. I also love that I could be out eating across town or sitting in my office and still be able to check in to visually see how things are going as well as listen and talk if I wanted to. Really cool. I’m not a big fan of the lights being on front side of this monitor. This is not just for baby monitoring or monitoring the kids after school. I can monitor behaviors of children in a playroom or even pets when you are away in a different part of the house. I stepped outside and lost reception so not sure how great my wifi band is. I purchased this for a family member who is expecting her first baby in late winter. She will be thrilled to be able to hear as well as see her baby’s nursery or what ever room she is monitoring. Monitoring little ones have sure come a long way since my kids were small. I was lucky to carry a monitor around the size of a walkie talkie to hear every squirm and squiggle that came from their crib.

There is a slot for storage card if you want to be able to store much video or pics which was not included in this startup surveillance monitor. I am able to record when I want or just pop in and check up on everyone in that area of the house without records too. This would be great for monitoring animal behavior

This pan and tilt camera provides two way audio communication as well as one way video and picture capabilities. This Palermo surveillance camera will provide years of peace of mind for the young family I purchased this for. It has good picture quality, zoom, pan left, right, up, down. It has the Micro sd slot on the back side, cord to hook up to computer, free app and can store a little in the flash memory. I like the still shots as well as video recordings. I love this is portable and can be moved as the family grows and so do their needs. It comes with an extra antenna to connect to other devices if the need arises to add on to this. Comes with a nice warranty too and telephone technical support.

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