Professional Cream Whipper for Toppings and Foams

The Creamissimo Professional Whipped Cream Dispenser is as described on the product description page First let me say that this is extremely nice and heavy. The metal in this gets super cold which is very beneficial when whipping cream. I love fresh whipped cream but hate the mess just to get a dollop of cream on some dessert. This was very easy and fun to use. Comes with 4 tips and two clean-out brushes. It came without N20, so I quickly ordered some 8 gram N20 cream chargers. I filled the chilled whipping cream to the line on the outside of the chilled Creamissimo container (a fill line marked on the inside would be convenient for a more accurate reading), I screwed on one of the 4 decorating tips, then put the cannister of N20 into the holder and screwed it on evenly so as not to cross the threads.

I shook the dispenser a few times, sampled and shook a little more, being careful not to make butter. It was perfect. I have used it with a brownie dessert, hot cocoa and iced coffee. I hope it last a long time because the investment into purchasing the N20 canisters was high since I bought a package of 50. We love to garnish our desserts as well as some of our beverages with fresh whipped topping.

I couldn’t be happier. I also like the cleaning bottle brush that came with the dispenser. Mine came a little smashed, but usable. Has a surprise in the handle too. Holds 1 pint.IMG_0430[1]

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