Grooming Glove

The Adjustable Combi Dog Grooming glove is as described on the description page This is a grooming glove which fits over the groomers hand. It is double sided and has a Velcro closure around the wrist for a more comfortable fit and to keep the hair on the glove. This is a convenient grooming glove for the kids to use on the dog. No worries about hurting the pup’s eyes or ears. It’s easy to clean too. Just remove the shedded hair and dispose of it. I purchased this for my grandkid’s new chocolate lab. He’s a wild pup and kept trying to bite the glove. Once he realized the massage, he calmed and settled down for his grooming pets. Not really any fur was removed, but he is very well groomed and still has puppy fur. The glove fits the older kids better because they have larger hands. Dad can even get in on the grooming action. Fun for all, but mainly fun for the pup. This would be awesome during shedding time. Just go outside and pet the pup or use on an adult cat.

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