XBULL Arc Lighter-Slim,Sexy and Sleek


The XBULL USB Charging Arc Lighter is as described on the product description page
https://www.amazon.com/USB-Lighter-Technology-Generation-Rechargeable/dp/B074D71VBZ. This came in a lovely gift box containing the black lighter, a short USB cord, directions and a little cleaning brush. I purchased this for my husband as a gift. He absolutely loves it. The XBULL has double arcs and the lighter is made of metal. IMG_0455[1]It even has a blue light that turns on when the top is opened. Just push the button and you will get a purple arc to light something on fire. Safety is built into the arc lighter. The power button can’t work if the lid is closed. It is easy to place on the charger once a week and this puppy works in any kind of weather. It would also be a great device to have when camping or hiking. You can easily light other things on fire using the XBULL arc lighter. Building a camp fire, no problem…just touch a dry leaf to the purple colored arc and you have fire. I love it but more important is that my husband loves using it while he is outside in all sorts of weather. I’m not sure how long this will last, but currently worth every penny. The only negative thing I can think of is that the USB charging cable is only a few inches long so the lighter hangs from my computer USB port. It is great with my USB charging ports that are included in an power strip because the strip sits on a table and the lighter isn’t hanging from my computer USB port. I love that this lighter doesn’t contain stinky lighter fluids. It’s sleek, black, metal and can be very manly as well as sexy for the ladies. IMG_0465[1]I love the matte finish because it doesn’t show smudges and fingerprints. Great gift for the adventurous outdoor person as well as a smoker.


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