Mini Handheld Steamer

The mini steamer handheld steamer is as described on the product description page. This arrived protected in a box containing the steamer as well as instructions for use. This powerful little hand operated steamer has 800 watts of power. It holds about ½ cup water and heats up to steam within a minute. I use distilled water for all my appliances that require water. Less chance of mineral deposits later. This is quick for steaming out a shirt, scarf or skirt. Not really for drapes or large upholstered items because of constantly letting the steamer cool down and then refilling the water reservoir. Be careful what it is pointing at when preheating. Because the steam starts coming out of the steam vents without touching a trigger to release it. I don’t like NOT being in control of releasing and stopping the stream when needed. It also spit’s a little leaving wet marks so this shouldn’t be used on silk or fabrics that get watermarked. This compact size is great if you are traveling and the shower steam just won’t do.


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