Hot Glue Gun by Blusmart


The Hot Blusmart Hot Glue Gun and hot glue sticks are as described on the description page I have been a user of hot glue guns for years. I use them for several applications including many crafts as well as hair fashioned items. This glue gun arrived in a clam shell packaging requiring scissors to open. Once opened, to reveal the industrial glue gun with attached permanent electric supply, metal stand and written instructions. This puppy heats up quickly. It has an on/off toggle switch as well as an on indicator light. Swivel cord making using at various angles possible. IMG_0266[1]It came with 10 large glue sticks. That is the first thing I noticed when I unboxed the set. IMG_0272[1] The gun heats up quickly and reheats fast without any problem with the trigger advancing the hot glue stick. I would find it hard to live without my glue gun. It would be like a man without duck tape. So far no drips or messes all over my new glue gun. I love how smooth the glue comes out and how easy the trigger is to control the amount of glue being melted and dispensed. Every family needs a hot glue gun for all sorts of projects around the home and at school.

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