Small Herb Grinder


The Liberator Herb Grinder Set is as described on the product description page This set came neatly boxed containing the 4 piece copper colored grinder, scraper, shears and comb for the shears. The aluminum blades on this are super sharp and do a great job of grinding herbs. This is a small grinder (2 ½”) but big enough to grind enough for a few days. The herb can be stored directly in the grinder for use later. I love the indentations around the grinding area because it not only makes it easy to grasp during the grind but also have a firm grip when opening to use. The top seems to have a fairly strong magnet in case the grinder would turn on it’s side. The Liberator comes with some herb shears that I don’t use much because my ingredients have gotten stuck in there, hence the plastic comb that is conveniently included with the grinder. I’m only interested in a quick, easy, consistent grind. This liberator does the trick.

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