Lights, Sounds, Action

The Portable Cordless Multimedia Speaker by Yuer is as described on the product description page This multimedia cordless speaker came nicely boxed containing the speaker and USB short charging cable. No instructions, but fairly easy to pair with using the MODE button. Just one press connects to Bluetooth, another press the radio station and more. Easy to use once first paired. It is a bit annoying listening to the LOUD Ding Dong when connecting to Bluetooth or changing modes. There isn’t a place to adjust bass or treble for the more in-tune stereo ear.

It has a loud speaker with changing colored lights that the kids will enjoying. They are so busy dancing and acting silly that sound quality won’t matter to them. It’s portable with a handle so they can take down to the dock or outside on the deck. The radio also has auto tune. I do like the multimedia speaker and my young Grandchildren will have fun using it. What’s better than loud music, lights, too much sugar and a sleepover at Grandma’s house with the cousins? Many silly memories will be made using this cool multimedia speaker.

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