The 23 piece Resistance bands are as described on the product description page All of the bands, attachment accessories and mounting accessories came nicely boxed. The box also is the only place the minimal instructions were printed for using these bands. I really have never worked out with this type of a band, except for the over the door pulley, so this should be interesting. I like how the different weighted stretchy pulls have the pounds of resistance written on them as well as how each one is a different color. These are good for someone wanting to get a light workout in or for someone just getting started with stretching and resistance training. The nylon straps and metal parts look like they can take a some pulling and stretching. Not sure if I am a fan of the bungeed up canvas fabric on the outside because it doesn’t stretch at all. I prefer just the bands as the fabric adds weight to an already burdened weight maximum for air travel and that is how I want to use these. I like to workout one of my arms almost nightly just to keep it from freezing up as it has in the past. I Like that there are several different resistance weights in 5 pound increments and so many ways to use these bands. I wish it had better directions for various exercises. I will have to Google various band exercises to utilize this set to its fullest.

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