Bicycle Saddle Bag

The black saddle bag by Raniaco is as described on the product description page. The side of the bag has plastic buckles and the back that attaches to the post has a Velcro closure. This type of mount makes the saddle bag fast to install as well as remove as needed. I love the expansion zipper on this bag, but I still couldn’t fit a 16.9 ounce bottle in the bag. I could fit the shorter 8 ounce bottle in there with plenty of space for chamois cream, identification, keys, chap stick, sunscreen, comb etc. I like to take advantage of every spot on my bike. One must carry so much with them to be totally prepared. Situations arise when you least expect it for some extra towels and energy food, to having mechanical problems with your bicycle. This bag takes advantage of the area under the seat. It is adjustable with a zippered extension if needed which add a few more inches. Would make a useful gift for most cyclist.

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