Everything Bamboo Expandable Caddy



The bamboo caddy for the bath/jacuzzi tub is as described on the product description page https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B06XKLX4GT.  First, lets say this is made from bamboo grass. The grasses go through a process of pressing to form the completed bamboo material which to make things. Bamboo is super hard and water resistant. This Bamboo caddy expands from 24” to 34” across.


This is really interesting when you look at it from a design point. It has unique bamboo pegs in its construction as well as tiny strong nails. It sure gives a luxurious feeling during long soaks in the tub. It looks awesome for aesthetic purposes and would be a focal point in any bathroom. Prepare for a long therapeutic soak complete with all of your needed supplies located right there on the lovely bamboo caddy. It has a flip up mirror which I found difficult to open. When opened the mirror stands straight up and wants to shut on its own. I don’t think this is an unbreakable mirror. I wished the mirror were adjustable. It would sit more comfortably and the tilted mirror could second as a holder for book or phone. There’s a wine glass holder where the bottom fits snuggly into the slot to prevent the glass from falling. I choose a plastic wine glass and the bottom still fit into the slot enough to prevent spillage.


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