Mesh Food Covers

The set of 5 mesh Food Covers are as described on the product description page
This set is awesome! It’s great for casual eating happening in any setting around any type of bugs. Be careful when first opening the collapsible mesh cover. You must pull the string on the top of the cover , visualize where it will go into place and grasp. IMG_9956[1] Just the opposite for collapsing for storage. After opening the first, the others were a cinch to open and close. These are the best thing I have purchased this year. I detest flies. They are the nastiest creatures who can ruin a bbq, picnic or entering the house to land their nasty little feet on my food during food prep and service. They drive me crazy. These mesh food covers are BIG. They can cover several dishes at the same time until serving time.

The mesh covers are lightweight so you might want to grab a few of your pie weights or big rocks to secure if very windy and using outside. Great for covering one large tray or container or for covering multiple containers.

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