Heavy Duty Cable Lock-Not just for Bicycles


The Blusmart heavy duty cable lock is as described on the product description page https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B011NX8KMC. This came neatly boxed containing the coiled lock, mounting bracket and storage bag. IMG_9903[1]I actually store my bikes in a locked shed which also currently houses our backup emergency gas generator. I wanted to get the generator out of my bike shed because it smells like gas.

I love the large numbers on the combination tumbler. I also like the nice coating around the cable to prevent scratches on the finish of your bike or my generator. It is very easy to use and re-code. The opening code must be on the cable when snapping shut. Be sure to move the tumblers after to secure the lock. This is perfect to deter a thief after I wrap the long 6 foot cable around the railing to the stairs on our deck. Most theft is from unlocked, easy to grab, unattended items. Right now I am loving this heavy duty lock on my generator and I have my storage shed back. So many uses for this cable combination heavy duty lock. I can’t detest to if it rust after 6 months or a year, but time will tell and I can update if it fails to continue to please me.

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