Chalk Markers and Labels


The Chalk Markers from Blusmart Art Supplies are as described on the description page.

This is a set of 12 colored liquid markers and 40 cute labels. These markers can be used on more than just labels. You can write and draw on most non-porous surfaces such as mirrors, glass and car windows too. I love letting the grandkids decorate their parents car windows on game day. Easy to shake and prime the markers as well as remove when finished. The longer it sits on surface might require more elbow grease to remove. I accidentally smudged one of my label markers and it wiped off easily after drying. There’re chalk markers! Not much of a storage solution for the markers. They came in a thin cardboard box. I will store mine in a plastic cup where the colored lids are easily identified. IMG_9921[1] I love these labels to identify my sprouting jars.  IMG_9923[1]I can also put slash marks on the labels daily after tending to them for reminders to water, shake, rotate etc. I love the set from Blusmart especially the two different writing/drawing sized tips.



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