Corner Protectors for Baby Proofing


The Baby Corner Cushion Set from Safe Baby & Child is as described on the produce description page What do little busy children do all day? They are constantly learning through play and exploration. This often involves pulling to stand, falling, tripping and just plain old day to day moving about the home. This 74 piece bundle is perfect to protect all of those pointy dangerous corners from the baby/toddler/preschool/geriatric aged people. I could use a corner guard on some of the things I bump into around the house. Accidents are accidents because they are unforeseen. We as adults need to protect those around us from harm. Protect those corners with these guards. Just take a look around at all of the potential corners in your home and you will see how great these are. These padded corner protectors come with 3M adhesive pads to use under the corner pieces if needed during baby proofing. This awesome corner guard set came with a bonus toilet or fridge lock too.


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