The Visco Memory Foam from QUATRO South Bay International is as described on the product description page This comes from an American Private Labeling Company named South Bay International that is houses its facility in China. This is only known because they put a brochure inside the box containing the rolled up mattress. I love that this is 100% pure visco memory foam and that it doesn’t contain clay fillers or other inferior materials. This twin sized Visco mattress arrived rolled up and double vacuumed sealed inside a box. Unboxing was easy and you can tell by my pictures that I have done this before. It was easy to lift and unwrap to allow air to get to the foam and inflate. The instructions said to allow 72 hours for full inflation of the partially compressed memory foam. I purposely smelled as I made the first cut into the vacuum seal. Barely any smell and that quickly dissipated within a few seconds. I am amazed that there isn’t a smell to this once sealed mattress. The visco memory foam is covered with a zippered cover with a soft top and denim sides and bottom. The edges have piping to keep the cover on in the correct position. I sit on this bed during the day like a daybed and I do notice that this piping tends to scoot. Not a big problem, but needs to be noted. It’s easy to adjust when this happens, but I can feel it when sleeping if I don’t adjust it after sitting against a wall. This cover can be removed for laundering too if it gets soiled.

I am the owner of 3 beds that have memory foam. I have a very well known bed that starts with a T and ends in pedic where I normally sleep. I have been sleeping on this Private Label QUATRO Sleep Visco Memory foam mattress for the past week. It held and supported my body very nice and I am pleasantly pleased. It provides adequate support to all of my trigger points and I wake refreshed. It’s also comfortable to sit on with bolsters and pillows while lounging and watching television. I actually took the temperature of the mattress after sleeping on it all night to see temperature changes. Not that much of a difference in temperature and not a lot of indentation. Not sure how long this mattress will last but I’m sure enjoying it. I purchased this bed for my granddaughter’s big girl bed, but after sleeping on it, I have rethought my guest bedroom. I purchased bed stilts and a trundle for the mattress to sit and be stored under the other bed. I was hoping to easily pull out the trundle containing the my new mattress and ready for a sleepover with multiple grandchildren. My anticipated room makeover didn’t work so it’s back to the drawing board for me. I’m going to find some type of trundle bed that allows for this 10 inch mattress. I love the new mattress and have even suggested to other family members to try the larger sizes.


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