Increase Balance, Strength and Core Strength


The large exercise ball from Lazy Monk is as described on the product description page It comes nicely boxed containing the exercise ball, 2 plugs, 1 plug remover, a foot pump and a guide. The pump helped but kept coming off while using. I did get to use the plug remover. After I first filled, some air escaped before I was able to plug. I purchased the 75 cm size ball. Exercise balls are flexible and offer resistance Height as well as weight are both important factors to consider when choosing an exercise ball. When I sat on the ball it was too low. The removing plug tool was awesome! I also love the ridges surrounding this ball for grip and foot placement. Not only do I use various sized exercise balls, but my adult children and young grandchildren love to go get these balls and sit on them when they visit. So many classrooms use these balls. If using in a classroom, some of the air can be removed for more control. A flatter ball add more stability for those that wiggle a bit too much.
Increase balance, stability and core strength.


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