Thumb Brace with ActiveBrace Vibration Technology

The Thumb Cure brace from Sidis Labs is as described on the product description page After reading about the relief this device I wanted to try it.
I have worn all sorts of splints and braces all because of my opposable thumbs. Seriously, with severe sore thumbs it’s impossible to turn a doorknob, turn the key to the car’s ignition, pull up your pants and many other daily skills. This brace is cool, padded, sewn nicely and has great Velcro. It requires one AAA battery to operate.. The vibration is therapeutic for the nerve endings from the thumb to the palms of the hand. I am left handed, so I have more pain with my left hand. The exercises I learned in physical therapy help alleviate the pain as well as wearing a thumb brace. The vibrations feel stimulating and relaxing at the same time. Instructions are included. I have used similar transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulators in the past with great results. The electrical stimulation increases blood flow to the area for faster healing. This brace with battery pack is similar without all of the ultrasound gel. It also comes with a storage bag.



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