Amazingly Soft Slouchy Beanie

The FURTALK Slouchy Beanie is as described on the product description page I am a retired home economics instructor and I’m unfamiliar with the fabric content Webctb. I didn’t find much on Google, so I am assuming this hat is knitted from some type of animal fur with a blend of either acrylic, cotton or wool. The hat is super soft with all sorts of different cable knit patterns. There is a soft care tag sewn in the hat as well as a small metal insignia with the brand Furtalk. The slouch hats were all the fall/winter rage fashion last year and I love the look because its great for bad hair days as well as chilly weather. Currently the new hat is a bit shaped like the flat packaging it came in. This will round out as it acclimates to being outside of the flat wrapper and folded a different way. These would make awesome gifts for anyone. They are super soft, fashionable and so versatile.

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