Small Bluetooth Ear Bud



The DAZL Bluetooth small ear bud is as described on the product description page I was trying to find a device my 81 year old father could wear that he could walk around and do errands while easily having access to his phone. He also love that he can play music and still be able to hear the real world. He likes to walk his dog, but doesn’t want to miss an important call. Now there is no fumbling while holding the dog leash. Just push one button. I ordered this ear bud by DAZL because of the charger. The set is magnetized and is held nicely to the USB charger. Perfect for an older gentleman whom sometimes finds the small chargers hard to insert with failing eyesight. So far, so good for this type of charger. I also like that everything is controlled with one easily accessible button and there is good voice confirmation. I’m sure he will be able to talk to text while wearing it, but when I suggested it to him, he said to let him learn to turn it on and off. I was very easy to pair.

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