Thick, soft, stretchy “yoga” pants

The black Yoga Pants by Nirlon are as described on the product description page These are more of a day to day comfortable yoga pant that so many of us wear because they are so darn comfortable. I do try to incorporate plenty of exercise, prayer, meditation and relaxation in my daily routine but I also spend more time in casual everyday attire. Yoga and workout clothes are my main type of clothes to wear around the house. Who wants to wear binding, tight waist bands that don’t bend and stretch with your movements. These look like they will become one of my favorites because the fabric is a bit thicker than most leggings. They can also be dressed up or down with the proper tunic and shoes. These don’t have key pocket or crotch gussets for proper air circulation .

I Love the fabric blend of 92% Cotton – 8% Elastane. These are mostly made from the great natural fiber Cotton. They stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer because of this natural fiber choice in the fabric selection. Cotton has wonderful properties since it is a natural fiber. Its wicking properties are outstanding. The Elastane in them makes them stretch and hug in all the right places. I thought cool, tag free when I saw the permanent care tag on the waistband yolk until upon further discovery finding a soft tiny tag with an L on it so these aren’t totally tangles. These are well constructed with overcast and double stitched seams. There isn’t an outside seam, only the center seams. These don’t have key pocket or crotch gussets for proper air circulation . Elastic looses its elasticity with the application of heat so machine wash and hang to dry.


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