KINGA Handheld Steamer

The KINGA Handheld Garment Steamer is as described on the product description page. It arrived nicely boxed containing the steamer, 2 brush attachments and directions. I love that this steamer is easy to fill and heats up quickly. No special tools to fill and it even fits under the standard bathroom faucet. The trigger steam feature is nice and the handle is comfortable. I also love the compact size making it easy to store or to use when traveling. It comes with 2 brushes that can be attached to remove lint or as a fabric brush when steaming. The 2 brush attachments took me a bit to figure out, but once I did I was very impressed. These brushes stay on while steaming. I was able to use the portable steamer horizontally as well as the usual vertical position while steaming. This KINGA garment steamer quickly took out the wrinkles in the vertical position. This can help those with touchup wrinkle removal and steaming the wrinkles out of those garments that have a lot of cotton in the fiber content. Portable, quick and easy to use. I use distilled water because our water is extremely hard. If you are limited on space for tradition board and iron, get this portable steamer. Just be sure to protect the material under the garment from the steam. In my case I just drape a towel over the top of the door and then hang the garment from a swivel hook hanger. There is an Auto Shut Off too when the water level gets low. Just refill and continue. Large steam head with lots of steam or quick removal of wrinkles. Remove and hang over protected area to steam. Never steam out the slightest wrinkle while wearing. Steam penetrates and can cause severe burns. #Reviewsbytamara


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