One handed-battery operated Savore Mill/Grinder

The Savore Salt/pepper Battery Operated Grinder is as described on the description. It was a breeze to install the 4 AA batteries as well as the sea salt. I would love to eventually put in my Himalayan pink salts. They contain many more minerals that are beneficial to the body. I love the brushed stainless steel finish. I use very little salt during meal preparation but like that this can be ground directly in the small cap for measuring larger quantities of salt for baking. It can grind the salt to your precise specifications using the ceramic grinder. The push button on the top makes it one handed use practical and convenient for seasoning meat before throwing on the grill. I can’t attest to the battery life yet but I think they will last as expected. I also like the little light on the bottom of this grinder. Perfect for candlelight, or for eating and grilling outside in the dark. This would make a lovely gift especially if you purchase 2 for a matching set.

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