Helect Infrared Thermometer for Surface Temperatures

What a cool product to have around the house, grill, kitchen and garage. Infrared thermometers offer the convenience and speed when a probe thermometer just won’t work for the job. Infrared can be used to access heat and cooling loss through small openings when weather stripping the home and sealing leaks. It can also help to determine where more insulation would benefit the homeowner or business. It’s also perfect to use when searing or grilling meat to get the perfect 500 degree Fahrenheit searing heat. It only measures surface heat, not internal heat which is perfect for searing. It can be used on playground equipment or sidewalk/street pavements for protecting children and animals from burns from too hot a surface. The Helect infrared thermometer allows one to safely take temperatures from a distance if needed as well for those patio pizza ovens.

The Helect infrared thermometer is as described on the product description page
https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B071NBJJ2Q This arrived neatly boxed containing the thermometer, use and care manual and a 9V battery. The battery I received was bad so I had to go out a buy a battery for the thermometer. Easy gun style trigger for quick use. This measures in Celsius and Fahrenheit. The portable lightweight infrared thermometer allows the user to take temps from a distance too. It only measure surface temperatures where probe thermometers don’t. Such a valuable tool for the kitchen, playground, HVAC, mechanics, home contractors and chefs.

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