Mash and Serve Bowl Set With Bonus Fork and Spoon with a Travel Container



The Lullababy Mash and Serve Bowl and Utensil Set is as described on the product description page This came nicely boxed containing the mash bowl, masher, fork and spoon. This works great when feeding the little one from the table. The more you mash, the more puree the food becomes. A great way to know that your little ones are consuming fresh prepared home cooked food without all the preservatives and coloring which are found in the jars. Please don’t season with salt or sugar. It is an acquired taste and little ones don’t need to be introduced to them when they are so young.

The bowl and masher are easy to grip and use.  The bowl has ridges on half of it to help with grinding the food. The fork and spoon are the perfect size for the self feeder. They also have a nice grip to them. This Mash and Serve set is microwave and top rack dishwasher safe. It would make a wonderful gift to the expecting parents. It has a lifetime warranty too.



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