Infant/Toddler/Child Sized Baltic Amber Necklace


The Baltic Amber child necklace by Baltic Wonder is as described on the description page This honey colored Baltic Amber infant/toddler/child’s size necklace arrived packaged with a drawstring storage bag and a Certificate of Authenticity. This necklace measures 12 inches long. Each Baltic Amber bead is individually tied so that if there is an accidental breakage only on bead falls to the floor. It is easily put on and taken off with a screw on clasp. This necklace is worn next to the skin when the child is awake. It is NOT to be chewed on, but worn around the neck, ankle or wrist.

I love everything about the holistic approach to minor inconveniences of teething. The ancient Baltic Amber releases succinic acid which aids in so many things. Google Baltic Amber to read about all of the wonderful benefits that we can reap from wearing this jewelry next to our skin. You will be amazed at the advantages and benefits from the fossil tree resin.
I have purchase many Baltic Amber necklaces for my grandbabies as well as for baby gifts. This would make a nice present for expectant parents and their newborn. I believe in them so much that I wear an adult Baltic choker. I wear mine all the time only removing for showers or swimming. When using remember to remove when baby is sleeping unattended or during baths. Try it, I know you will love it.

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