Vividay Diffuser For Essential Oil Therapy

The Large 400 ml Capacity Vividay Diffuser is as described on the product description page The diffuser arrived nicely boxed and protected. It came with the actual diffuser, the power supply and a measuring cup for accurately measuring the water. It looks just like the picture in the description and performs great so far. It is extremely user friendly and easy to use. It has high/low mist settings and high/low lights of 7 different colors if you turn on the light. I like that it doesn’t light up the whole room with the accent lights. Just out the port that diffuses and a ring around the bottom. I also love that it can diffuse for up to 10 hours with the appropriate settings as well as has an automatic shut off when it’s out of water. Cleaning is easy with a dry paper towel once a week. This would make a fabulous gift for the experienced essential oil enthusiast or even the novice. I have several diffusers and this one ranks up there with my favorites. I am gifting this to my Granddaughter for her 1st birthday. The cool mist moisture and the chosen essentials will be perfect for her nursery. I am very pleased so far with this large Vividay diffuser. I will update my review if any problems arise. So far, a great diffuser.

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