HOLD IN THE HEAT with these Sous Vide Balls

The Sous Vide balls by U-Are are as described on the following product description page https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B06VYHYSC1. All of these little lightweight ball arrived in their own mesh storage bag perfect for drying and storing these 250 little balls. Prior to ordering these, I was using an old stained cookie sheet to keep the heat inside the chosen container which is fine for family only eyes but not aesthetically pleasing for dinner guest to see. These balls adapt to the container that is used. If I had used more water while cooking, the distribution of the balls in photos would have been different. The water can come from below or above the balls depending on what you are cooking and how large the container is. I have included several pictures of the balls in use. These really do trap the heat and reduce heat loss and evaporation. After cooking I strained the balls with a colander then dropped them into their mesh storage bag. These are very handy to use to conserve heat during Sous Vide cooking and I recommend them. Storage is easy with the mesh bag. After everything is dry I just store the filled bag inside my cooking vessel.

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