Planet Friendly Stainless Steel Tall Sipping Straws

The stainless steel straw set with brushes are as described on the product description page This set comes with 4 straight and 4 angled stainless steel straws and 2 straw cleaning brushes. I have loved drinking from Metal Straws since the day I first used one a few years ago. It really makes the beverage so much colder and if you have lipstick on it remains smudge free. These are about 2 inches longer than my older straws. I just rinse the straw out with water and place in the dishwasher. Easy to rinse and wash in the dishwasher. They are so long that I store them with a rubber band around them in a kitchen drawer. They could easily be stored in any counter crock too. They are too long for my knife compartment in my silverware tray. Never run out of straws again, drink ice cold beverages and planet friendly. Perfect size for drinks served in a tall glass or for on the tall to go cups. I was able to purchase these at discount for review.

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