ADJUSTABLE memory foam pillow


The Aloe Vera My Perfect Dreams Memory Foam Adjustable Queen Size Pillow is as described This pillow arrived all rolled up inside a cylinder package. I was so excited to let it breathe that I didn’t take a photo of it rolled up inside the package. The pillow fluffed well on its own and with some squishing. I threw it in the dryer to get rid of the strong odor. After 15minutes on air fluff and sitting in the dryer overnight the pillow still had that chemical smell. I then took the pillow out of the case and fluffed it in the dryer for 15 minutes. Removing the pillow from the zippered bamboo case and letting it fluff in the dryer worked. The chemical smell was gone.

I like the little zipper on the pillow which make this adjustable. You can take out what foam you don’t want and customize it to your liking. For me, it is just fine the way it is. It’s shredded foam and will adjust to pressure. I am currently using this pillow as additional back support for chair. It adjust to pressure and recovers nicely. As with all memory foam shredded pillows this one also requires daily fluffing for ultimate comfort. This can be used with a pillow case or you can use it alone with only the soft bamboo fabric. When laundering the case, don’t use any fabric softener as it lessens the awesome characteristics of bamboo. I was able to purchase this using a discount code.

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