Great Minerals and Moisturizers in this Dead Sea Mud Mask by Majestic Pure

The Majestic Pure Dead Sea Mud Mask is as described on the description page Read the ingredient list to see all the moisturizing ingredients. Love that it is made with deionized water. The container is sealed and has the made date, expiration date and lot number stamped on the bottom. I saved the little plastic cover that came with mine to better seal with the lid. The mud is easy to apply and feels so nice while it is drying. It doesn’t take much and delicate areas of the face should be avoided. It must be rinsed off with water preferably distilled water, after all this is your day of pampering. This is a day that I devote to just pampering myself. My face feels so fresh, smooth and hydrated after using this. This can be used once a week, but I’m lucky to get my spa day of pampering once a month. This Dead Sea Mud Mask makes me feel pampered within the walls of my home. I also like to do facials when my Granddaughters stay with us. They love it too. I was able to purchase this at a discount using a code.



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