The Padded Dog Harness Set from WE LOVE ANIMALS is as described on the product description https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01MRPKXWB This is a well padded harness with a no pull D ring and padded handle on top by the ring for extra control. The harness is totally padded everywhere the harness touches the dog, except the strap that buckles around the belly. This is an adjustable nylon strap around this belly area of the harness. The padding resembles a felt type of fabric and should wear well with the reinforced stitching to create pillows on the harness. Please take note of the heavy duty stitching on the harness. This set includes a long nylon leash, as well as a car seat leash with a tongue that hooks into the buckle. Pretty cool to restrain and control when traveling or transporting Fido. I love that this dog harness is reflective as well as the sewn on emblems which say WE LOVE ANIMALS. If you want to be in control of your dog without any neck harm, this would be a great addition to your pet arsenal.
I was able to purchase this at a discount using a code.


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