Versatile Adjustable Cross-over Bag

The JINIU Cross-over adjustable bag is as described on the product description page I love everything about the crossover small tote but mostly the 4 zippered compartments. This bag is awesome for my bicycle commutes. I just got a new bike to ride around the lake I live on and I plan on using this crossover adjustable bag on my traveling journeys. It is great to have to throw a few items in. I can even get a few small water bottles in there. Our community lake is small and I have several family members that I visit frequently by bike. This bag makes it convenient to take my needed things with me in addition to the bag I have on my bike. My big lock also fits in this bag. I like that this is a canvas adjustable cross over bag that is very versatile. It would be great for an amusement park, boat ride, day at the beach, cycling and so forth. It is very practical and versatile. I was able to purchase this at a discount using a code.



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