YAMAY wireless headset-Grove and be productive at the same time!


The YAMAY noise cancelling wireless headset is as described on the description page https://www.amazon.com/dp/B015WC6720 . The description and photos are spot on with this Bluetooth headset. It comes with USB charger which can be charged from USB ports or wall USB adaptors. These were very easy to pair the first time and each time I’ve turn them on, even after having another device previously paired.

This headset adjust on both sides of the band. The earpiece has comfortable pads.
These are great to wear not only for work but for recreation. I can wear these while playing on my phone and not subject others in the room to my audio noise. These are really convenient to wear while I prepare meal. I am able to prepare my food and talk in a normal tone of voice when I have a call. I love listening to music and these have a decent stereo sound. I like the microphone on this headset. It’s adjustable as well as flexible for the users comfort and perfect talking position. I am able to enjoy music until I need to accept an incoming call or make an outgoing call. This YAMAY headset is very user friendly. Easy on/off, mute, previous, past buttons. I find it a little hard to find the little volume up and down buttons on the left earpiece. They are very close to the headband making them difficult to reach up and easily find. These have great padding on the ears, but I think could use more padding across the headband. I was sent these to review and the sound is great and the other issues with the volume buttons is just a matter of getting use to them long term. Also enjoying the tunes so much that my ears are getting sore from all the great music. Callers are announced by name!

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