VOLTAS Himalayan Salt Block

The VOLTAS Himalayan Salt Block is as described on the product description page
https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01GFA4I1A. This arrived in a box containing instructions for using printed on the outside. Protectively tucked inside a sealed foam box was the beautiful Himalayan salt block, storage bag and stainless steel serving rack.

Himalayan Salt blocks have been all the rage for the couple of years in the culinary world. This is a beautiful chunk of pink Himalayan salt, rich in minerals that have been around for millions of years. It is mined in Pakistan. I read a lot about salt blocks in the past and knew that they needed to be initial burned or cured when you first get them. Kind of like seasoning a cast iron, but not oil added, just slow graduating temperatures of heat. I did mine starting on the lowest setting my oven had and slowly increased the heat by 25 degrees every 15 minutes. I let it top out at 400 per email instructions from the seller. Some sites say to heat up to 500 then let cool down naturally. The more I read detailed information, the more I will steer toward curing, drying, chilling, freezing and serving foods until I can get a few more. My husband is wanting to use my pretty pink beauty on the grill. Once you cook with them, they should be reserved for cooking. So I need a few for presentation and one for cooking. The block is pretty when doing cold foods or presenting food from it, but takes a little more patients when cooking with it.

It can be used for salt curing all sorts of foods. Salmon, tuna, jerky can be salt cured using these Himalayan salt blocks. Cold foods can be kept cold on a chilled or frozen block for hours. No more melting ice, just serve your shrimp cocktail right from the block of salt. Such a lovely presentation. So many ways I can think of to use this in the cold state without discoloring. A little attention should be used on how to place foods on this block. Foods higher in moisture content will season faster than their lower moisture food counterparts. Tomatoes and cucumber is season more than peppers or cabbage.

Naturally antibacterial
Seasons naturally
Over 80 minerals
Great for pickling
Once cold, stays cold for a long time
Gets hot and stays hot for a long time
Can cook on the table (protected with hot pads) to impress guest

Can take 45 minutes or more to SLOWLY heat
Natural and will determinate over time
Can be slippery when wet
Can crack, break or explode if not heated SLOWLY

Remember to go Slow, slow, slow bringing the Himalayan salt plate up to cooking temperature to keeping your plate in good shape. Also do not use unneeded moisture during cleaning. You will be washing away your salt block. Never put in the dishwasher! Store in towel or storage bag in a cool, dry place. Such a VERSATILE culinary treat.

I am saving my beautiful Himalayan salt lamp for cold service. I am pretty content with my sous vide cooking and charring for my proteins. Vegetables, tuna, shrimp and salmon will be great on this beautiful slab. I need to get another one for my salmon cure. The brown spot if from my oven rack. It will wipe off but I just say it. Wanted to show both sides. Isn’t it beautiful? This would make a fabulous gift for any Chef of any skill level.


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