SUPCASE for iPhone 7


The water resistant SUPCASE is as described on the product description page I Love that this comes with 3 interchangeable colored backs in the colors of gold, rose gold and grey. The rose gold matches perfectly with my phone. All ports on the multi layered SUPCASE are accessible to my iPhone 7. I found the mute button a little hard to use with the case. Good thing I had long pinky fingernail to help. I use this all the time to mute my phone so that is the first thing I noticed. I did watch the suggested installation YouTube video before installing. I already had a tempered glass protector on my phone and I think I might end up taking off the one that attached to the phone off because I have too many layers and it makes the touch screen hard to respond. It does serve a purpose to protect from spills, dust, dirt and the like so I will have to use it for awhile longer before determining if that needs to be done. This case is so similar to the more expensive OtterBox Defender series. My husband and dad have the Defender and ended up taking off the film covering from their cases. So in comparison, this SUPCASE offers the same benefit and drawbacks as the higher price competitor. I was able to apply a code to receive this SUPCASE at a discounted price.

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